Issue of mold design

Design of a mold used in a product molding process requires high technical capabilities to support complex product shapes and enable mass production which meets the requirements of the functions, quality, and costs.

On the other hand, three-dimensional product design has increasingly replaced conventional design based on two-dimensional drawings, which enables direct use of three-dimensional product models for mold design and mold parts processing.

To design a good mold in short time, it is an important issue to use the knowledge obtained from the past experiences as explicit knowledge and effectively use three-dimensional CAD for creation of a mold model.

Mold design support tool of NX add-on

Mold Planner is a mold design support tool developed by ISID which operates in the integrated CAD/CAM/CAE NX add-on environment. ISID implemented functions useful for mold design in Mold Planner based on the technologies cultivated through customer support for manufacturers for 30 years.

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