NX for Design

DUMMYNX for Design streamlines and accelerates the product development process

Siemens NX Software is an integrated solution for manufacturing companies that helps to deliver superior products quickly. NX will provide next generation design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions to support the realization of digital twin. NX provides integrated tool set that supports all aspects of product development from concept design to engineering, manufacturing, and streamlines the entire process.

NX for Design is the industry's most powerful and flexible innovative product development solution that provides manufacturers with superior features and performance to bring products to market faster than ever. By using NX for Design, manufacturing companies can verify more virtual product models, reduce the use of expensive physical prototypes and enable "to bring the best products to the market first". It will lead to market profit, reduction of development cost, improvement of product quality.


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 NX Overview (Eng)
 NX Overview (Thai)


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