Collect Operating Information of equipment that does not connect to the Internet

MC-Web CONTROLLER can easily acquire and visualize information, i.e. equipment’s operating status, with less construction, without stopping equipment even old one that does not connect to the internet.


Have you ever had these problems?

■ Time and duration of installation work

  • Have to stop the equipment during the construction period. Power shutdown required
  • Need to stop a plan for several weeks. Install 2 equipment/day
  • Cut wiring in the machine
  • Install by specialist. Require high expertise
  • Attachable makers, and limit on the model
  • Pre-investigation and preparation take time
  • Once installed, reinstall takes the same time as the initial installation
  • Hard for Try and Error

■ High cost

  • Expensive device with complicated structure
  • High construction cost due to complicated installation work

■ Mechanical equipment is old and data collection is impossible

  • Mechanism to verify and analyze the operation status of NC machine tool
  • Support existing NC machine tools and infrastructure
  • Automatic collect progress of work from NC machine tool by combination of dedicated device and dedicated application
  • Realize the work results progress management linked with the production management system DIRCTOR6

Main Feature

  • Easy installation → Construction-less & Operating with software
  • There are no limit on installable manufacturers, machines and models
  • No need to stop equipment during the construction period → No need to shutdown
  • No need to cut the wiring in the machine
  • No change in machine control
  • If you can understand the wiring situation of the machine you can install it yourself → Can be installed in 30 minutes ~ 60 minutes for 1 equipment
  • Prepare signal judgment tester on site
  • Easy trial and error after installation, easy to change capturing signal by Kaizen → Set signal judgment logic with dedicated software

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