Motion Board

MotionBoard is a next generation BI dashboard that helps business managers and users accelerate their business speed. It gives you the power to analyze and visualize all of your business data in one place, in real-time, and in only a matter of seconds.

MotionBoard is a data empowerment dashboard that alters mere numbers into valuable information. It is equipped with flexible and powerful analytical functions that allow users to understand their business situations intuitively. MotionBoard serves as a tool that can bridge art and science of businesses, helping users make relevant and speedy business decisions.

Analysis of changing business

MotionBoard obtains data from various data sources to dynamically aggregate and visualize them. Because MotionBoard acquires newly added data from databases and data warehouses to reflect them in real time, users can make speedy and accurate decisions based on the most up-to-date data. Optional in-memory function is available to make processing speed even faster.

Data for action

Usability is a key to analytics. Everyone can operate MotionBoard without any programming knowledge. With rich chart functions, MotionBoard provides a truly useful and lively system for managers and users who continuously have to make quick and accurate decisions for their business.

Do you want to obtain information whenever and wherever you wish? Users can use tablets on the go to access MotionBoard to view and analyze the most recent data and reports. Moreover, offline analytical function allows you to analyze data even in an area where you have no internet access.

Main features


MotionBoard allows users to create charts from different data sources on a single dashboard. All kinds of enterprise information can be presented on a dashboard. These charts can be created without any programming knowledge.

Simple yet Rich Analytical Functions

OLAP is just a click away and business users can select aggregation items, change axes, etc. easily. Necessary data can be extracted and analyzed without technical knowledge just by drilling down, drilling through, etc.


You can dynamically change charts from bar charts, line chart, radar chart, summary tables, and so on to meet various visualization needs.


Users can easily simulate business prospects based on assumptions. For example, what-if analysis is performed by changing the input assumption, which is done simply by moving a slider on the dashboard. MotionBoard also supports data input.


Geo function visualizes data on a map. This is especially useful for industries such as retailers, distributors, logistics, etc. who needs to analyze area data.

Layer Chart

Multiple charts can be layered and displayed. Correlations of the data are easily understood using this feature. Temperature trend data and revenue data can be layered, for example, to analyze how weather influences daily sales.

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