Vanning Master

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What is Vanning-Master

Vanning-Master is an Optimization Software for Load Planning. It finds not only the best container sizes to use for your mixed products, but also the best way they should be loaded onto pallets or into trucks and containers.

Vanning-Master reduces shipping and transport costs through intelligent cargo loading and optimal space utilization algorithm.

Main Features

Vanning-Master optimizes the loading of items in one or more containers, optionally of different sizes.

Vanning-Master has a complete graphical User Interface, with point-and-click and drag-&-drop to build up loading jobs, and with on-screen and printed graphics.

Automatic - The automatic mode allows the User to respond quickly to problems of load plan optimization. Solutions are characterized by high efficiency, even in the case of complex rules.

Manual – In manual mode you can use the simple 3D click, drag and drop to easily modify.

Import/Export – To meet the most different needs, functions for data import and export are manifold. You can use “copy & paste”, or you can import / export data via Excel file in native format.

Report and Documents - The program offers many functions for saving data, creating reports and exporting data.

Computation Engine

Computation Engine is an algorithm for calculating optimized 3D loading plan to reduce costs for logistics. With Vanning-Master, various Computation Engines are provided for specialized items like Containers and two-wheel vehicles to mixed loading to Pallet loadings.

Container Computation Engine

Truck and Trailer loading - Finds the best combination of multiple vehicle types (eg. 40FT x9 + 20FT x2).

Sea Container Loading - Optimizes cargo plan with multiple different sizes and quantities.

  • Leveling Algorithm: For loading to Container and Truck in 2 rows. Leveling the quantity by Order No.
  • General Algorithm : For loading various types and volumes. The items of same sizes are calculated in blocks.
  • Specialized Algorithm : Specialized for loading two-wheel vehicles.
  • Parts Algorithm : For loading large items to Container.

Loading rules

  • Allowed positions (maximum overhang value, special rules in case of handling by forklift)
  • Vertical ordering of packages (stay only at floor, not at floor, or only on top of others)
  • Longitudinal ordering of packages – priority (group packages according to a priority rule)
  • Maximum load weight - Weight distribution - Stability check
Pallet Computation Engine

Perfect for creating multiple product load plans for pre-packing unit load. Also calculates single  full pallet or mixed pallet loads. These pallet loads can then be used in building container loads.

BOX Computation Engine

Mix Loading for Outer Carton : Computation Engine used for various sizes of inner boxes to outer carton.

Customization is also available on your requests. Examples of our recent customization work include:

  • Enhanced reports
  • New import / export filters
  • Loading rules

Please feel free to contact us below regarding product inquiries and requests for materials.