• Smart Factory

Inventory optimization support


You can construct a verification environment of appropriate inventory in short time!

This solution supports construction of a production simulation environment to verify the optimal in-process inventory.

● Verification process of production simulation of the virtual plant using Plant Simulation


  • Model the plan line to be verified
  • This enables modeling in short term by using the automatic modeling library provided by ISID


  • Set the production conditions, production capacity, transportation capacity, and optimization constraints, and execute calculation of automatic optimization
  • Automatically calculate the optimal conditions from massive combination calculation results using genetic algorithm


  • Evaluate the validity of the calculated in-process inventory volume

On-site problems

● There is a lot of in-process inventory between processes because it is a high-mix low-volume production line

● There is a lot of in-process inventory for the purpose of preventing stockout in order to observer the delivery date

● No logical calculation method with grounds is used because the in-process inventory volume is determined by experience and gut feeling

Expected effect

● Visualization of problems

- The production process is visualized and the mechanism of increase in the inventory is clarified

● Reduction of the inventory volume

- You can calculate the inventory volume with grounds by simulation and reduce the current excess inventory

● Streamlining of examination work

- You can reduce the man-hours required for examination because multiple patterns can be verified efficiently

● Risk mitigation

- Trial and error on simulation reduces risks of stockout and delivery delay


<Industries where this is often used>

Food and drink, fiber, paper/pulp, chemistry, oil/coal products, rubber products, glass/soil and stone products, wood, ceramics, resin/plastic, iron/non-ferrous metal, industrial machines, robots, food machines, mechanical elements/components, consumer electric equipment, industrial electric machines, electronic parts/semiconductors, optical equipment, cars/transport equipment, aviation/space, shipbuilding/heavy equipment, energy, medical equipment, construction/civil engineering/engineering, construction materials/materials/furniture and fixtures, printing industry, manufacturing/consigned processing, other manufacturing, warehouse/transport-related industries

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