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Optimization of in-plant logistics


This solution supports optimization of the transportation capacity between processes according to the operation conditions of the production line!

This solution visualizes the operation conditions of the production line and supports plan optimization of in-plant logistics.

● Verification process of the optimal inter-process transportation capacity using Plant Simulation


  • Model the plan line to be verified
  • This enables modeling in short term by using the automatic modeling library provided by ISID


  • Set the production conditions, production capacity, transportation capacity, and optimization constraints, and execute calculation of automatic optimization
  • Automatically calculate the optimal conditions from massive combination calculation results using genetic algorithm


  • Evaluate the validity of the optimal transportation conditions calculated according to the line operation conditions

On-site problems

● Since preliminary verification of in-plant logistics is not easy, detailed examination of an allocation plan such as inter-process transportation workers (parts supply workers) and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) after start of mass production

● Significant logistics costs are incurred in the initial stage of production because the transportation capacity of inter-process logistics is adjusted after actual operation

● Stockout occurs in the line if the number of transportation workers or the number of allocated AGVs is changed in accordance with a change in the production volume

Expected effect

● Shortening of the production preparation period

- Shorten the time from transportation planning to optimization enabling desk examination before starting mass production

● Reduction of the logistics costs

- This enables early optimization of the numbers of transportation workers and allocated AGVs and reduction of the logistics costs from the initial stage of production

● Introduce appropriate transportation capacity in response to production variation

- Determine the appropriate numbers of transportation workers and AGVs, not too much or too little, in response to the production volume changing from day to day

● Solution of line supply delay

- Solve stockout and production delay due to lack of the transportation capacity by preliminary verification considering the AGV operation speed, transportation route, etc.


<Industries where this is often used>

Food and drink, fiber, paper/pulp, chemistry, oil/coal products, rubber products, glass/soil and stone products, wood, ceramics, resin/plastic, iron/non-ferrous metal, industrial machines, robots, food machines, mechanical elements/components, consumer electric equipment, industrial electric machines, electronic parts/semiconductors, optical equipment, cars/transport equipment, aviation/space, shipbuilding/heavy equipment, energy, medical equipment, construction/civil engineering/engineering, construction materials/materials/furniture and fixtures, printing industry, manufacturing/consigned processing, other manufacturing, warehouse/transport-related industries

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