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Space investigation of equipment with 3D laser scanner


This solution enables correct on-site investigation and sketch of equipment in short time!

This solution supports construction of an environment which digitalizes the space information of the existing equipment using a 3D laser scanner and enables examination of the layout and visual simulation of introduction of new equipment.

● It imports the space information of the facility to be allocated which is measured with a 3D laser scanner to PC and construct a virtual space

● It realizes the interactive operations of dimension measurement of the existing equipment and examination of installation of the equipment to be introduced in the virtual space

● It is possible to use coordination with 2D and 3D CAD systems such as import of an existing 2D drawing and output of 3D data of the measurement result

On-site problems

●Many man-hours are spent for on-site investigations and measurements of the existing facility necessary for proposal of equipment installation

- The dimensions and spatial distance of the existing equipment are measured manually

- It has to be completed in short time in order not to cause trouble for the customer, so the necessary information cannot be obtained at once

●3D model is desirable for effective proposal, but man-hours for preparation cannot be secured

- Drawing-based proposal is difficult to be understood at the time of proposal to the customer

- Many man-hours are required for preparation of a 3D model from the drawing information

Expected effect

●Improvements in the work efficiency of space measurement of the existing equipment and the accuracy of the measurement result

- You can get correct and detailed on-site information in short time

- It reduces measurement omissions and measurement errors and trouble at the time of introduction due to lack of information such as small obstacles

● Execution of effective equipment allocation proposal by using 3D visual simulation

- You can reproduce the on-site condition on 3D as many times as you like to repeat measurement and confirmation

- You can make a quick response to a request for a change in the installation location

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